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Creierul trăieşte mai mult dacă alimentaţia este redusă

“Mâncând mai puţin, tinereţea creierului poate fi menţinută pentru mai mult timp, afirmă autorii unui studiu realizat pe şoareci, după ce au constatat că organismele acestor animale au secretat astfel o moleculă care joacă un rol esenţial pentru buna funcţionare a celulelor cerebrale, relatează AFP.

Acest studiu italian a fost publicat, luni, în revista americană Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

Molecula în cauză, denumită CREB1, activează un număr mare de gene care sunt asociate cu longevitatea şi cu sănătatea creierului, a declarat Giovambattista Pani de la Institutul de patologie generală din cadrul Universităţii catolice Sacre Coeur din Roma, coordonatorul studiului.”

Creierul trăieşte mai mult dacă alimentaţia este redusă – studiu | Ziarul Financiar

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Trailer

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Trailer [HD] – YouTube

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HIV/AIDS vaccine proceeding to human clinical trials

“The first and only preventative HIV vaccine based on a genetically modified killed whole virus has received approval by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to start human clinical trials.”

HIV/AIDS vaccine proceeding to human clinical trials

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Intel Shows Off Its Smart Phone and Tablet for 2012

Intel’s Medfield is the latest in its “Atom” line of mobile chips. So far none of them have seriously threatened the dominance of ARM-based chips in mobile devices, in part because they are more power-hungry. However, the new chip represents a significant technological step toward lower power consumption.

Previous Atom designs spread the work of a processor across two or three chips, a relatively power-intensive scheme that originated many years ago in Intel’s PC chips. But now Intel has finally combined the core functions of its processor designs into one chunk of silicon. “This is our first offering that’s truly a single chip,” says Smith. The all-in-one design, known as a system on-a-chip, is a standard feature of the ARM chips so dominant in smart phones today.

The phone prototype seen by Technology Review was similar in dimensions to the iPhone 4 but noticeably lighter, probably because the case was made with more plastic and less glass and metal. It was running the version of Google’s operating system shipping with most Android phones today, known as Gingerbread; a newer version, Ice Cream Sandwich, was released by Google only about a month ago.

The phone was powerful and pleasing to use, on a par with the latest iPhone and Android handsets. It could play Blu-Ray-quality video and stream it to a TV if desired; Web browsing was smooth and fast. Smith says Intel has built circuits into the Medfield chip specifically to speed up Android apps and Web browsing.

Intel Shows Off Its Smart Phone and Tablet for 2012 – Technology Review

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Researchers figure out how to outperform nature’s photosynthesis

“They frankensteined together proteins from Synechococcus sp. with those from Clostridium acetobutylicum using molecular wire to create a ‘hybrid biological/organic nanoconstruct’ that was more efficient than either on their own.”

Researchers figure out how to outperform nature’s photosynthesis

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Cambridge Crude: liquid electricity

“The battery uses a semi-solid flow cell design and stores electric energy as a liquid called Cambridge Crude (a very thick electrolyte solution that contains a very large suspension of tiny lithium-ion particles). When the energy in the liquid is exhausted, all users have to do is head to a charging station to pump out the old liquid and pump in a new batch of fully charged liquid. This process is said to take as long as it would be to refill a car with gas, which eliminates the slow charging speed disadvantage of EVs.

The discharged liquid is also reusable: it can be recharged and then pumped into other vehicle, which makes it an eco-friendly solution. The battery is still in development right now and MIT hopes to have a fully functional prototype ready for testing sometime in 2013 (including the car, battery refueling pumping system, battery refueling pumping system, recharging station system, and storage tanks for charged and discharged solutions). Hopefully everything goes as planned, the sooner we get everybody to convert to EVs, the better for our planet.”

Cambridge Crude: liquid electricity | Ubergizmo

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High-speed evolution: Study shows salmon can change their genes in a single generation

Salmon born in hatcheries can evolve in just a single generation, according to new research.

The change in their genetic make-up is so dramatic that it sometimes makes them unable to breed with wild fish.

And the amazing discovery shows that ‘evolutionary change doesn’t always take thousands of years,’ according to the main author of the study.

High-speed evolution: Study shows salmon can change their genes in a single generation | Mail Online

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Solar cell could be cheaper than fossil fuel

“Ten years ago, NREL scientist Arthur J Nozik predicted that MEG would be more efficient in semiconductor quantum dots – tiny crystals of semiconductor – than in bulk semiconductors.

Quantum dots, by confining charge carriers within their tiny volumes, can harvest excess energy that otherwise would be lost as heat – and therefore greatly increase the efficiency of converting photons into usable free energy.

The researchers hit the 114 percent external quantum efficiency with a layered cell consisting of antireflection-coated glass with a thin layer of a transparent conductor, a nanostructured zinc oxide layer, a quantum dot layer of lead selenide treated with ethanedithol and hydrazine, and a thin layer of gold for the top electrode.

They claim the fabrication of quantum dot solar cells lends itself to inexpensive, high-throughput roll-to-roll manufacturing.”

Solar cell could be cheaper than fossil fuel | TG Daily

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Quantum Computing With Holograms

“Light is one of the most promising carriers of quantum information. It is robust against decoherence because it does not interact with stray electric and magnetic fields and passes unscathed through transparent matter.

But this prized robustness is also a serious limitation. Photons do not easily interact with each other so processing the information they carry is tricky.

In recent years, however, physicists have worked out how to make photons interact using interferometers and to carry out quantum computations using the output of one interferometer as the input for another.

The trouble is that interferometers are notoriously fickle. Sneeze and they need re-calibrating. So cascades of them tend to be hard to handle.

Today, Jonathan McDonald at the Air Force Research Laboratory in Rome New York, and a few pals reveal a way round this problem.

Their idea is to make holograms of interferometers so that their properties become ‘frozen’ in glass. This makes them much more stable. “

Quantum Computing With Holograms – Technology Review

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High-fat diet leaves its mark on sperm

“OBESE male mice tend to sire unhealthy offspring. And it seems diet is to blame, causing tiny changes in sperm that may lead to metabolic disorders in mouse pups. The discovery brings us closer to understanding how lifestyle choices affect the health of future generations.

The effects of diet and smoking become imprinted onto DNA via chemical modifications that regulate gene activity and protein production within a cell.”

High-fat diet leaves its mark on sperm – health – 19 December 2011 – New Scientist

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Unde sa gasesti ceaiuri exotice in Iasi

““Kissing is like drinking tea through a tea-strainer; you’re always thirsty afterwards.”-Old Chinese saying”

  ceaiuri by FILL IN THE BLANK

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Nucile ultima descoperire

Trateaza tulburarile de ritm cardiac

Cercetatorii au mai observat ca acidul alfa linoleic din nuci poate fi benefic pentru cei cu tulburari ale ritmului cardiac. Ei i-au avertizat pe participantii la studiu ca pot manca absolut tot ceea ce doresc, cu conditia sa consume si nuci.

“Acest lucru demonstreaza ca grasimile protectoare din nuci inlatura efectele grasimilor saturate din dieta, pe cand o grasime neutra, precum uleiul de masline, nu are un rol atat de important”, afirma Robert Vogel, profesor la University of Maryland, Baltimore.

Pentru ca sunt elastice, arterele se pot intinde atunci cand fluxul sanguin se imbunatateste. Consumul de grasimi intrerupe producerea de oxid nitric de catre “captuseala” arterelor, necesar pentru mentinerea flexibila a vaselor de sange. Nucile mai contin antioxidanti si arginina, un aminoacid folosit de organism pentru a produce oxidul nitric.

Pentru vegetarieni

Combinati nucile cu legume si paine.
Nucile si alunele pot inlocui majoritatea nutrientilor animali in cazul persoanelor vegetariene. Printre nutrienti se numara cele mai multe vitamine B, fosfor, fier, cupru, potasiu si proteine.
Ca mai toate proteinele din surse vegetale, cele din nuci si alune sunt inferioare calitativ celor animale. Cu toate acestea, in combinatie cu paine, cereale si leguminoase (mai ales soia si linte) se poate obtine gama intreaga si echilibrata de aminoacizi esentiali.

Miezul de nucă este unul dintre cele mai vitalizante şi nutritive alimente cunoscute şi o minune pentru organism în timpul anotimpului rece.
Fiind foarte bogată în grăsimi şi proteine, nuca întrece carnea ca valoare calorică, având o toxicitate de câteva ori mai mică şi este foarte uşor digerabilă.

Nucile ultima descoperire, Alimente – Colectii Video Online

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Ce a descărcat Sarkozy de pe torrente: filme filmate în sală și Beach Boys

Potrivit datelor, prezidentiabilii francezi au descărcat o cersiune filmată în sală a filmului Tower Heist, o copie telesync a filmului Arthur Christmas și melodii în format FLAC ale formației The Beach Boys.În total, au fost depistate șase descărcări localizate în palatul prezidențial, peste limita de trei permise de legea franceză.

În final, cei de la Torrent Freak se întreabă retoric dacă legea dură anti-piraterie va fi folosită chiar împotriva celor care au creat-o și care au încălcat-o, totdată. Deocamdată, nicio explicație oficială nu a fost emisă încă de Administratia Prezidentială din Franța.

Ce a descărcat Sarkozy de pe torrente: filme filmate în sală și Beach Boys – Eveniment >

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Sfaturi de la Galina Schatalova

“…un mic rezumat al catorva reguli de baza recomandate de domnia sa, a caror respectare, va va aduce cu siguranta o imbunatatire semnificativa a sanatatii si a calitatii vietii.
1. Nu se prajeste absolut nimic, totul se mananca crud sau se fierbe, uleiul se adauga in mancarea fiarta dupa ce s-a stins focul si mancarea s-a racit putin. Nu se consuma paine, aceasta se inlocuieste cu terciurile din cereale.
2. Nu se face mai multa mancare decat se poate consuma la o masa, daca cumva ramane ceva, aceasta mancare se va consuma mai tarziu (dar numai in ziua respectiva) rece, neincalzita (exact asa procedeaza si populatia hunza).
3. Nu este permisa neglijarea miscarii fizice, doamna Schatalova este o adepta convinsa a efectelor benefice ale metodelor de intarire a organismului (sauna, spalat cu apa rece si zapada, etc. – fotografia de mai sus, demonstreaza cel mai bine aceste principii), chiar si pentru batrani si pentru bolnavi (pentru cei gravi bolnavi, exista alte reguli individuale), este necesar un minim de miscare zilnica.
4. Se consuma IN FIECARE ZI usturoi! Pentru obtinerea unui ulei aromatic deosebit de gustos, se pun intr-o sticla cu ulei nerafinat, extras la rece si cativa catei de usturoi.
5. Doamna Schatalova recomanda consumul zilnic de alge, pentru a minimaliza astfel efectele poluarii, de care suntem cu totii foarte afectati (inclusiv poluarea radioactiva!).
6. Se mananca o data, de cel mult doua ori pe zi. Nu se mananca permanent, intre mese. Iar despre cantitatea zilnica de mancare si aportul caloric, este cred deja foarte clar, care este directia recomandata de doamna Schatalova, nu-i asa??? De multe ori nu conteaza atat de mult CE mancam, cat mai ales CAT mancam!!!”

HRANA VIE: Galina Schatalova

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Want to be a better footballer? Why a cup of coffee and slice of toast can boost your performance on the pitch |

Caffeine and carbohydrate mix can improve endurance, skill and performance
Caffeinated drinks might be better option than sports drinks

Want to be a better footballer? Why a cup of coffee and slice of toast can boost your performance on the pitch | Mail Online

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Could This Be The End Of Cancer?

Cancer vaccines are still being tested. Patients, doctors, and scientists know only too well that seemingly wondrous cancer therapies can flame out. But progress is accelerating. In 2010, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first-ever tumor vaccine, called Provenge, to treat prostate cancer. Scores of other vaccines are in the pipeline. Over the summer, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania unveiled what they call a cancer “breakthrough 20 years in the making”: a vaccine against chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) that has brought about remissions of up to a year and counting—and which its inventors believe can be tweaked to attack lung cancer, ovarian cancer, myeloma, and melanoma. Vaccines against pancreatic and brain cancer are also being tested. “For the first time,” says Disis, who has a $7.9 million grant from the Pentagon to develop a preventive vaccine, “clinical trials [of cancer vaccines] are demonstrating anti-tumor efficacy in numbers of patients with cancer, not just one or two unique individuals.”

Could This Be The End Of Cancer? – The Daily Beast

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A spoonful of sugar helps your skin age prematurely

“What’s happening in the body is written in the face.” says David Gunn of Unilever Research in Sharnbrook, UK, who co-led the project.

A spoonful of sugar helps your skin age prematurely – health – 15 December 2011 – New Scientist

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Raceli si gripe – o altfel de abordare

De cand a dat frigul am tot studiat problema racelilor si a gripelor pentru ca nu am vrut sa fiu prinsa pe picior gresit cu cea mica si, mai ales, n-am vrut sa aleg calea medicamentelor. Trebuia totusi sa am niste solutii de rezerva si uite ca s-au tot adunat informatii.

Raceli si gripe – o altfel de abordare | Tot mai raw

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Top 10 evenimente din infrastructură în 2011

Anul 2011 a adus un suflu nou pe piaţa construcţiilor, cel puţin la capitolul infrastructură, după ce contracte de câteva miliarde de euro pentru şosele, căi ferate sau metrou au fost atribuite. 2011 a fost însă şi un an în care proiecte majore precum pasajul Basarab sau stadioanele de la Bucureşti şi Cluj au fost finalizate. ZF realizează până la finalul anului o retrospectivă în zece momente-cheie pe cele mai importante sectoare din business.

Top 10 evenimente din infrastructură în 2011 | Ziarul Financiar

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E-Glide GT Powerboard

GT Powerboard 2011 – YouTube

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