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IBM scientists demonstrate computer memory breakthrough — For the first time, scientists at IBM Research have demonstrated that a relatively new memory technology, known as phase-change memory (PCM), can reliably store multiple data bits per cell over extended periods of time. This significant improvement advances the development of low-cost, faster and more durable memory applications for consumer devices, including mobile phones and cloud storage, as well as high-performance applications, such as enterprise data storage.

With a combination of speed, endurance, non-volatility and density, PCM can enable a paradigm shift for enterprise IT and storage systems within the next five years. Scientists have long been searching for a universal, non-volatile memory technology with far superior performance than flash – today’s most ubiquitous non-volatile memory technology. The benefits of such a memory technology would allow computers and servers to boot instantaneously and significantly enhance the overall performance of IT systems. A promising contender is PCM that can write and retrieve data 100 times faster than flash, enable high storage capacities and not lose data when the power is turned off. Unlike flash, PCM is also very durable and can endure at least 10 million write cycles, compared to current enterprise-class flash at 30,000 cycles or consumer-class flash at 3,000 cycles. While 3,000 cycles will out live many consumer devices, 30,000 cycles are orders of magnitude too low to be suitable for enterprise applications (see chart for comparisons).

IBM scientists demonstrate computer memory breakthrough

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Scientists move closer to mind reading

“Subjects had their brain activity scanned using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) while they performed one of three hand movements: grasping the top of an object, grasping the bottom of the object, or simply reaching out and touching the object.

And the team found that by examining the signals from several different brain regions, they could predict, better than chance, which of the actions the volunteer was planning.

“Neuroimaging allows us to look at how action planning unfolds within human brain areas without having to insert electrodes directly into the human brain. This is obviously far less intrusive,” explains professor Jody Culham.”

Scientists move closer to mind reading | TG Daily

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U.S. Navy Seal team who killed Bin Laden may have used night vision contact lenses

“A website has reported that the team of U.S. Navy Seals used pairs of night vision contact lenses during their mission to kill Osama Bin Laden.”

U.S. Navy Seal team who killed Bin Laden may have used night vision contact lenses | Mail Online

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Razatoare & Feliator Moulinex Fresh Express

“Horia Virlan, ambasadorul Moulinex, recomanda Fresh Express in fiecare zi, noul aparat compact, conceput pentru a rade, felia si marunti in doar cateva secunde direct in farfurie. Poti felia cu usurinta cartofi, pentru chips-uri facute in casa, castraveti, morcovi, fructe sau o multime de alte legume.

Moulinex Fresh express vine cu 5 accesorii colorate pentru 5 functii de radere, feliere si maruntire in cateva secunde.”

Razatoare & Feliator Moulinex Fresh Express DJ750G45 DJ750G45 –

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Drug Reverses ‘Accelerated Aging’ in Human Cells

Some age-related diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, also result in defects in the cells’ “trash-removal” system, says Dimitri Krainc, associate professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School and one of the authors of the paper. In fact, previous research has shown that the failure of cellular maintenance is a key component of aging. “With normal aging … you start accumulating by-products of normal cell functions,” explains Krainc. Rapamycin may be able to help clean up other toxic proteins as well, though this study only looked at its effects on progerin.

“I would hope that the study increases the search for molecules to replace rapamycin,” which don’t have the immunosuppressant side effects, says David Sinclair, director of the Paul F. Glenn Laboratories for the Biological Mechanisms of Aging at Harvard Medical School. Such alternatives could be a major step forward in the fight against aging, says Sinclair, who was not involved in the current study.

Drug Reverses ‘Accelerated Aging’ in Human Cells – Technology Review

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OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 review

We’ll be testing a beta / engineering sample of that RevoDrive 3 X2 today. Let me just throw some numbers at you to get that tickly in your belly ; 1500 MB/s maximum read performance, or what about 1250 MB/s maximum write performance ? No that still didn’t do it for you … well what about 200.000 IOPS (4K writes) ? Yeah that is where we have arrived in the year 2011. It’s insanely fast, it will be insanely expensive but it is most definitely insanely sexy.

Have a peek before we dive into the architecture behind the RevoDrive 3 X2, and then put the pedal to the metal.

OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 review

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Samsung S27A950DS 27 inch 2ms GTG black Monitor LED – shocking asimetric design

Samsung S27A950DS 27 inch 2ms GTG black Monitor LED – PC Garage

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35 Stunning Illustrations by Michael Oswald

“The 28 years old Californian illustrator, manipulates the images digitally, transforming reality into exotic illustrations. Michael “Michaelo” Oswald describes is style as ‘photo-manipulation on steroids’ combining unique Photoshop techniques and digital painting. With the exception of the original digital photograph, his work is created entirely on a computer utilizing his knowledge of digital techniques and the traditional art skills he has learned in his younger days.”

Fresh Pics: 35 Stunning Illustrations by Michael Oswald

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Românii au inventat aplicația pentru iPhone care testează dacă ai cancer

“Cea mai vândută aplicație pentru iPhone din secoturl medical din lume este făcută de un român. Este vorba despre o aplicație care ar putea înlocui testele dermatalogice pentru depistarea cancerului de piele.”

Românii au inventat aplicația pentru iPhone care testează dacă ai cancer – IT & C >

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Inkjet printers could alter solar energy industry

“According to Chih-hung Chang, an OSU professor in the School of Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering, “This is very promising and could be an important new technology to add to the solar energy field. Until now no one had been able to create working CIGS solar devices with inkjet technology.””

Inkjet printers could alter solar energy industry | Ubergizmo

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Seagull shoots a video using a GoPro camera

“Well, recently a GoPro owner left his camera unattended for awhile, and it caught the attention of a nearby seagull that snatched the camera and flew off, with the camera still rolling. The result is a video clip showing what it’s like to be at seagull’s-eye-view over the rooftops of France. Fortunately the owner of the camera managed to track down the camera, and retrieved it with a bit of climbing. And now the video is on YouTube for all of us to see. Check it out after the break:”

Seagull shoots a video using a GoPro camera | Ubergizmo

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Make Any LCD 3D With Global Wave’s Pic3D Film

“Are you jealous of your friends’ 3D capable devices, such as the LG Optimus 3D or HTC EVO 3D, and wish that your device was 3D capable as well? As it turns out, Global Wave may have just the answer for you, in the form of the Pic3D film, which when applied to any LCD, will turn it into a glasses free 3D display.”

Make Any LCD 3D With Global Wave’s Pic3D Film | Ubergizmo

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Pericolele muncii de birou

Persoanele care stau mult timp pe scaun prezintă un risc crescut de a suferi de boli cardiovasculare, diabet, depresie şi obezitate şi un risc dublu de a dezvolta cancer la colon, comparativ cu oamenii care au un job mai dinamic, precizează cercetătorii. “Perioadele îndelungate de timp petrecute stând pe scaun, independent de activitatea fizică, au importante consecinţe metabolice şi pot influenţa trigliceridele, colesterolul, glucoza, tensiunea arterială”, spune dr. Patel.

Potrivit experţilor, statul pe scaun timp îndelungat afectează masa musculară, articulaţiile şi coloana vertebrală. Problemele oftalmologice şi obezitatea fac parte şi ele din riscurile meseriei.

Statisticile de specialitate din SUA arată că angajaţii îşi petrec peste 55% din timp pe scaunul de la birou. Astfel, potrivit cercetătorilor, persoanele a căror slujbă presupune să stea toată ziua pe scaun prezintă un risc cu 94% mai mare de a dezvolta o tumoră în zona colonului distal, o parte importantă a intestinului care face legătura cu rectul.

Pericolele muncii de birou. La ce riscuri te expui dacă stai pe scaun mai mult de şase ore pe zi – Gandul

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UFOs filmed above BBC building in London

A new video has emerged purporting to show ‘a mothership and its fleet’ zipping around in the clouds above a BBC building in West London.

UFOs filmed above BBC building in London | Mail Online

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Unzipped chromosomes pass on parental stress

“Mutant fruit flies have helped solve one of the biggest puzzles in genetics: how the stress of starvation or drug addiction can pass on its ill effects to the sufferer’s children and grandchildren.

Stress is thought to cause “epigenetic” changes that do not alter the sequence of DNA but leave chemical marks on genes that dictate how active they are. Previous studies have shown that if mice are stressed for two weeks after birth, their offspring will show signs of depression and anxiety, despite enjoying the usual levels of maternal care. And there is mounting evidence that common health problems including diabetes, obesity, mental illness and even fear could be the result of stress on parents and grandparents.”

Unzipped chromosomes pass on parental stress – health – 27 June 2011 – New Scientist

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Evolution machine: Genetic engineering on fast forward

“Church’s group, however, has developed a machine for “evolving” entire organisms – and it works at an unprecedented scale and speed. The system has the potential to add, change or switch off thousands of genes at a time – Church calls this “multiplexing” – and it can generate billions of new strains in days.”

Evolution machine: Genetic engineering on fast forward – life – 27 June 2011 – New Scientist

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Study makes brain-like computing a step closer to reality

Current computers deal with processing and memory functions separately, which usually results in a traffic jam of speed and power because of the need to constantly shift data from place to place. There is nothing like this in biology. Human brains for example make no distinction between memory and computation.

To be able to carry out both functions at the same time the University of Exeter research team used phase-change materials. Phase-change materials are a type of semi-conductor that displays extraordinary properties.

Study makes brain-like computing a step closer to reality | TG Daily

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Krokodil: The drug that eats junkies

“It is a drug for the poor, and its effects are horrific. It was given its reptilian name because its poisonous ingredients quickly turn the skin scaly. Worse follows. Oleg and Sasha have not been using for long, but Oleg has rotting sores on the back of his neck.

“If you miss the vein, that’s an abscess straight away,” says Sasha. Essentially, they are injecting poison directly into their flesh. One of their friends, in a neighbouring apartment block, is further down the line.

“She won’t go to hospital, she just keeps injecting. Her flesh is falling off and she can hardly move anymore,” says Sasha. Photographs of late-stage krokodil addicts are disturbing in the extreme. Flesh goes grey and peels away to leave bones exposed. People literally rot to death.”

Krokodil: The drug that eats junkies – Europe, World – The Independent
YouTube – Наркотик “крокодил.”

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Lab yeast make evolutionary leap to multicellularity

“IN JUST a few weeks single-celled yeast have evolved into a multicellular organism, complete with division of labour between cells. This suggests that the evolutionary leap to multicellularity may be a surprisingly small hurdle.”

Lab yeast make evolutionary leap to multicellularity – life – 23 June 2011 – New Scientist

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Team finds new source of green electricity

“”This research is very promising because it presents an entirely new method for energy conversion that’s never been done before,” says aerospace engineering and mechanics professor Richard James.

“It’s also the ultimate ‘green’ way to create electricity because it uses waste heat to create electricity with no carbon dioxide.”

To create the material, the research team combined elements at the atomic level to create a new multiferroic alloy, Ni45Co5Mn40Sn10, with unusual elastic, magnetic and electric properties.

Ni45Co5Mn40Sn10 undergoes a highly reversible phase transformation where one solid turns into another solid, and during this it shows changes in its magnetic properties that are exploited in the energy conversion device.

The material begins as a non-magnetic material, then suddenly becomes strongly magnetic when the temperature is raised a small amount. When this happens, the material absorbs heat and spontaneously produces electricity in a surrounding coil.

“This research crosses all boundaries of science and engineering,” says James. “It includes engineering, physics, materials, chemistry, mathematics and more.”

The team is now working to create a thin film of the material that could be used, for example, to convert some of the waste heat from computers into electricity.”

Team finds new source of green electricity | TG Daily

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