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Mandinga Vs SuggarDaddys – Guapa

YouTube – Mandinga Vs SuggarDaddys – Guapa

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Deep Fear – Side Kick

YouTube – Deep Fear – Side Kick

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Sun and sand breed Sahara solar power

Sun and sand breed Sahara solar power – environment – 30 November 2010 – New Scientist

The idea is to begin by building a small number of silicon manufacturing plants in the Sahara, each turning the desert sand into the high-quality silicon needed to build solar panels. Once those panels are operating, some of the energy they generate will be used to build more silicon plants, each churning out more solar panels and generating more energy that can be used to build even more plants, and so on.

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Ela Rose & Gino Manzotti – No U No Love

YouTube – Ela Rose & Gino Manzotti – No U No Love

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Emil Boc a inaugurat centura ocolitoare a municipiului Sibiu

VIDEO Premierul Emil Boc a inaugurat centura ocolitoare a municipiului Sibiu – Esential –

Premierul Emil Boc a inaugurat, miercuri, centura ocolitoare a municipiului Sibiu, care are 20,8 kilometri, din care 17,2 kilometri sunt in regim de autostrada, investitia ajungand la aproximativ o suta de milioane de euro, transmite Mediafax.

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How are the ages of the Earth and universe calculated? How accurate are those figures

How are the ages of the Earth and universe calculated?  How accurate are those figures? | The BioLogos Forum


There is strong evidence that the Earth is roughly 4.5 billion years old and the universe is roughly 14 billion years old. Here, we will look at the evidence supporting those claims.1
Determining the Age of the Universe

Much reliable evidence from a surprising number of very different sources supports the age of the universe. Consider the distance from the Earth to other objects in the universe. For example, 93 million miles of space separates the Earth and its sun, and because light travels at 186,000 miles per second, it takes light 8.3 minutes to travel that distance. When we look at the sun, we see it as it was just more than 8 minutes prior. Other stars and galaxies have been observed from which light takes — millions and even billions — of years to reach the Earth. If the light has been traveling billions of years to reach us, then the universe must be at least that old.2 For these distant objects to be observed in a universe just a few thousand years old, either the speed of light must have once been much greater, which would have drastic impacts on other factors of the universe, or photons must have been originally created mid-journey.3 This second option is often promoted by those who argue God made the universe with the appearance of age. To do this, however, God would have had to do much more than simply create photons en route: God would have had to set numerous aspects of matter and energy very precisely so that multiple lines of evidence would converge in a way that would mislead us about the universe’s true age. Such deception seems inconsistent with a God who is the author of truth. The clearest and most natural explanation is that the universe is billions of years old, just as it appears.4

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Animal Cyborgs

Animal Cyborgs : Story of the Week : Science Channel

When we hear the word “cyborg,” most of us probably imagine a part-human, part-machine character from movies like “Robocop”, or the electronic-biological androids from “Blade Runner” or the “Terminator” films.

In the real world, researchers are pushing further ahead with creating cyborgs, using biological tissue from a variety of non-human creatures.

An editorial in the latest issue of the UK publication New Scientist notes that some of the new cyborgs run on brain tissue culled from living creatures. Others rely upon “brainjacking” software, which essentially borrows signals from an animal’s nervous system.

One successful example of “brainjacking” cited by New Scientist is the work of Johns Hopkins University professor Ralph Etienne-Cummings who has used recordings of signals from the CPG, or central pattern generator (a type of neural network), found in the spines of lampreys, to stimulate “walking” motions in robotic legs. The RedBot, as the project is called, can use these CPG signals to replicate various natural gaits, including walking, running and climbing steps. Here’s a 2009 YouTube video of the RedBot’s legs at work.

Etienne-Cummings and colleagues also have used a silicon model of a cat’s hind-limb neural circuitry to control the walking of a live, temporarily paralyzed cat.

One major player in animal-machine hybridization has been the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. DARPA has been working in recent years to develop cybernetic insects that are equipped with micro electro-mechanical systems, or MEMS (that is, really, really tiny devices) that could allow humans to be in command of the insects. A 2007 DARPA presentation predicted the eventual development of “an intelligent micro air vehicle maneuvering around wires, birds, even bullets, without human controls, perhaps being piloted by a hybrid-insect cyborg.”

Since then, there have been considerable advances in insect-machine hybridization. In 2009, DARPA scientists presented a paper at an engineering conference that described the use of ultralow-power radios to control hawk moths’ flight, as well as a system for powering those circuits by harvesting energy generated by the insects’ flight.

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How To Survive A Mass Extinction

How To Survive A Mass Extinction

250 million years ago, 95% of life on Earth perished, probably from megavolcanoes. 65 million years ago, a meteor strike destroyed the dinosaurs. Now, some say another mass extinction is underway. Scientists tell you how to survive it.

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Child porn should be made legal to protect children from abusers, say scientists

Child porn should be made legal to protect children from abusers, say scientists | Mail Online

The proposal, by Professor Milton Diamond from the University of Hawaii, follows a study which shows that child sex crimes fell when child pornography was legalised in the Czech Republic.

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Naguale – Get Up (Official Music Video)

YouTube – Naguale – Get Up (Official Music Video)

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Magnetovision: Birds’ seventh sense revealed

Magnetovision: Birds’ seventh sense revealed – environment – 01 December 2010 – New Scientist

The idea that birds create magnetic maps is supported by studies like those on Australian silvereyes done by the Wiltschkos in the 1990s. They exposed the birds to a strong pulse that altered the magnetism of iron crystals in their beaks but left the eye compass unaffected. In juvenile birds that had just left the nest, this made no difference – they still tried to head in the right direction.

Birds that had migrated before, however, all headed in the wrong direction after the pulse. This suggests that the juvenile birds were relying on the compass in their eyes, whereas the experienced birds were trying to navigate based on their mental magnetic map, using the intensity receptor in their beaks.

Of course in natural situations, birds use a whole range of clues for navigation, not just magnetism. They also use the sun and stars, smells, visual landmarks and perhaps even sounds like waves breaking.

An insight into how they combine these different kinds of information came from a recent study on night-migrating thrushes. When the thrushes were exposed to artificial magnetic fields at sunset, they flew in the wrong direction during the night when released. After seeing the next sunset, however, they corrected their courses. So it appears some birds calibrate their magnetic compasses against the sun each day.

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IBM innovation to enable electrical and optical devices on same silicon

IBM innovation to enable electrical and optical devices on same silicon | TechConnect Magazine

Following years of research, Big Blue (IBM) has now proudly announced that it has developed a technology that allows for both electrical and optical devices to be placed on the same piece of silicon, thus enabling a new generation of chips that communicate using pulses of light.

The ability to transmit data via light and not electrical signals like today’s parts, makes for faster, and more power-efficient chips, and, according to IBM, paves the way towards the construction of supercomputers capable of an Exaflop (one million trillion calculations) per second, which is some 1,000 times faster than what we have today.

IBM’s 2-in-1 technology is called CMOS Integrated Silicon Nanophotonics and it doesn’t require for any new tools to be added to a standard CMOS manufacturing line. This enticing achievement is attributed to newly-developed integrated ultra-compact active and passive silicon nanophotonics devices that are all scaled down to the diffraction limit – the smallest size that dielectric optics can afford.

“Our CMOS Integrated Nanophotonics breakthrough promises unprecedented increases in silicon chip function and performance via ubiquitous low-power optical communications between racks, modules, chips or even within a single chip itself,” said Dr. Yurii A. Vlasov, Manager of the Silicon Nanophotonics Department at IBM Research. “The next step in this advancement is to establishing manufacturability of this process in a commercial foundry using IBM deeply scaled CMOS processes.”

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Cum ne conectăm la internet prin unde radio

Cum ne conectăm la internet prin unde radio

Cât costă serviciile Wimax

În cazul persoanelor fizice, operatorul oferă două abonamente de şapte şi nouă euro (fără TVA) pentru viteze de transfer de 1 şi 2Mbps. În cazul persoanelor juridice, tarifele încep de la 14 euro lunar (fără TVA) pentru 2Mbps. Cei care vor să-şi facă abonament pot suna la sediul central din Bucureşti sau la cele din teritoriu – din Cluj, Iaşi şi Timişoara, urmând să primească o ofertă personalizată.

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The Age of Music Piracy Is Officially Over

The Age of Music Piracy Is Officially Over | Magazine

Mark down the date: The age of stealing music via the Internet is officially over. It’s time for everybody to go legit. The reason: We won. And all you audiophiles and copyfighters, you know who fixed our problems? The record labels and online stores we loved to hate.

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Samsung Foldable 3D OLED TV Concept

Samsung Foldable 3D OLED TV Concept Hints at Future of TV

Samsung recently showed off a flexible, foldable 3D TV concept that hints at the future of 3D TV. The OLED panel can be folded and would give better viewing angle of the 3D content that is playing so that the viewer doesn’t need to sit directly in the middle to achieve an optimal viewing experience. Additionally, with the 3D panel being foldable, it may create for a more immersive television watching experience as you can be surrounded by the content that’s playing, bringing you in closer to the action that’s on screen. The concept was shown off at the FDP International 2010 show, and the technology could hit living rooms in another 5-10 years.

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LG Display Partners with QD Vision to Bring Quantum-Dot LED Displays

LG Display Partners with QD Vision to Bring Quantum-Dot LED Displays

The partnership between LG Display and QD Vision is hoping to bring a brighter, more vivid, and more power efficient display technology to the market in the form of quantom-dot LED display that will boast better performance than traditional OLED and LCD displays on the market today. The quanton-dot LED display is an active display and is also known as QLED, which will utilize technologies developed by QD Vision and be manufactured by LG. Compared to LCDs, the QLED display should be cheaper as it has a more simplified manufacturing process, and is said to be just as stable and reliable. QLED is also said to be twice as power efficient as OLEDs and will be 30 to 40% brighter than OLEDs.

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Roberta lasă PSD şi PNL fără cuvinte

Roberta lasă PSD şi PNL fără cuvinte – Parlament >

Dezbaterile în plenul Camerei vor putea fi oprite dacă deputaţii vorbesc prea mult de la tribună.
Roberta Anastase

Sub atenta supraveghere a Robertei Anastase, parlamentarii puterii au mai făcut ieri un pas pentru întărirea majorităţii la Camera Deputaţilor. Ca să nu mai fie deranjaţi de nenumăratele intervenţii de la tribună ale deputaţilor opoziţiei, parlamentarii PDL, cei ai UDMR şi independenţii au adoptat ieri o modificare a Regulamentului Camerei prin care preşedintele forului legislativ poate sista dezbaterile când lucrările sunt “obstrucţionate”.

Prin noile atribuţii ale Robertei Anastase, puterea va împiedica opoziţia să tergiverseze adoptarea unor legi aflate în dezbatere cum s-a întâmplat cu legea pensiilor.

În ultimele luni, parlamentarii opoziţei au cerut în repetate rânduri să ia cuvântul “pe procedură”, uneori ajungându-se chiar la blocarea şedinţelor. Acesta a fost, de altfel, şi argumentul sub care puterea a făcut o astfel de propunere, susţinută ieri chiar şi de Roberta Anastase în Comisia de Regulament. “E firesc ca opoziţia să aibă anumite instrumente, dar există şi situaţii în care trebuie să eliberăm parlamentul ca dezbaterile să aibă loc”, a spus Anastase.

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Warning: LG Star puts your smartphone to shame

Warning: LG Star puts your smartphone to shame | TG Daily

Next-gen phones like the Star could very well compete with laptops, netbooks and tablets in our Cloud-centric future.

For example, don’t feel like lugging your
laptop or netbook to and from work?

No worries!

Simply hook your phone up to an external monitor and check your e-mail, browse the web and edit docs using a portable Bluetooth keyboard/mouse.

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