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Turn Knob To Control Vision Power on Adlens Lenses

Turn Knob To Control Vision Power on Adlens Lenses » My Digital Life

Gone are the days of going to the optician for a prescription of your lenses every six months or one year. It is a novel idea and one that should have been thought of before – self-adjustable lenses to suit the user’s vision power or problems. Adlens empowers the user to control the curvature of the lenses so that the power in the lens increases or decreases according to the need and manipulation of the user. This works through a patented liquid lens technology where turning the dial on the side of the glasses will increase or decrease the flow of the high refractive index liquid into the space between a plastic-like sheet in the lens. This changes the shape of the lenses – the more they curve, the higher is the power of the lenses, and vice-versa.

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Asus VG236H 120Hz 3D Vision LCD Monitor Review

Asus VG236H 120Hz 3D Vision LCD Monitor Review – HotHardware

In all, we were pleased with the VG236H from Asus. It consistently hit the mark in our testing and produces a fantastic image, whether it be 2D, 3D, work or play. There’s a very short list of 3D capable monitors and we’ve now had the chance to test two of them. Without a doubt, the VG236H is far superior to the Acer model we looked at. Both LG and Alienware also have 23″ 3D displays on the market, and we hope to get our hands on them in the near future. Also, there is a 27″ model (PG276H) rumored to be coming out later this year from Asus, which would be the largest display of its kind when it hits the market. But as of today, Asus has an extremely solid product here and enthusiasts looking to make the move towards 3D computing should definitely take note. Bottom line is that If you’re ready to take the dive into stereoscopic technology, you should put the Asus VG236H at the top of your upgrade wish list.

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How-to: install Pixel Qi’s 3Qi display on your netbook (and why it’s worth it)

How-to: install Pixel Qi’s 3Qi display on your netbook (and why it’s worth it) — Engadget

What a difference a screen can make! It’s something we seem to be saying a lot lately, and after spending a few days with the Pixel Qi-equipped netbook there’s no doubt that our praise for this screen over the past years has been well-deserved. Sure, the viewing angles on the $275 display are less than stellar and some may just want to wait for the wide-view version, but there’s no doubt that it does pull less power and work amazingly outdoors.

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Samsung’s new plasmas will do 3D for much cheaper

Samsung’s new plasmas will do 3D for much cheaper – Update: $989 for 50-inch 720p — Engadget

Looks like Samsung’s 3D Blu-ray players aren’t the only ones coming in cheaper versions, as it’s unveiled the new 680 Series and 490 Series plasma HDTVs. Both were shown off in Korea yesterday, though the US website only features a product page for the 50-inch PN50C680 so far, showing off its 1080p specs and DLNA access. You will give up a few features from higher end plasmas, which add picture-in-picture, widgets, a higher contrast ratio and slimmer designs to the mix. The PN50C490’s situation is a bit murkier, but FlatpanelsHD reports it will be the first 720p 3DTV of the current generation. With current series 4 plasmas retailing for around $720, it could also be the first flat 3D set to crack (or at least approach) the $1,000 barrier — if you’re willing to miss out on the extra pixels.

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Lagao multiphysics looks awesomely real

Lagao multiphysics looks awesomely real • VideoSift: Online Video *Quality Control

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Crysis 2 has ‘best AI in gaming history’

News: Crysis 2 has ‘best AI in gaming history’ – Crytek –

Crytek has claimed that the enemy AI in Crysis 2 is the most sophisticated in video game history.

Speaking exclusively to CVG, Crytek boss Cervat Yerli said the title boasted “thinking, fair” foes – which is good news for those who want their enemies smart, but not Skynet smart.

OXM man Ryan King reported that the FPS was the best-looking title he’d ever seen on 360 earlier this year. Since then, Crytek has revealed that the game will be playable in full 3D on 360, PS3 and PC when it is released at the tail-end of this year.

“We have the most advanced AI system in a game,” Yerli told CVG. “We think that Crysis 2 has the most advanced AI for both humans and aliens you’ve ever seen.

“They will be showing tactical co-ordination, they will be more challenging but not unfair – they will be truly intelligent, thinking, fair enemies.

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Herman Miller Embody Chair Review

Herman Miller Embody Chair Review | Embody,Chair,Review,Herman Miller,Aeron,Comparison,Herman Miller Embody Chair Review: Pixel-Matrix Support System Defines Ergonomics, Backfit Contours to Spine.

Welcome the Herman Miller Embody chair. Designed specifically for people who work for hours at their computer, Embody is the first work chair that benefits both mind and body. More than just a solution towards minimizing the negative effects of sitting, Herman Miller’s Embody chair was also designed to deliver positive effects on the body. In this article Benchmark Reviews takes you on a tour of the Herman Miller Embody ergonomic office chair, and demonstrates how much better sitting all day can feel.

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Sweden Launching First ISP For Pirates

Sweden Launching First ISP For Pirates – ‘Pirate ISP’ to thumb nose at U.S. copyright law –

Sweden’s Pirate Party recently made headlines for not only agreeing to be The Pirate Bay’s bandwidth provider, but for deciding to use Parliamentary immunity to run the site from inside the Swedish Parliament. Now they’re working with several technology companies to launch “Pirate ISP,” an ISP that will openly support the exchange of copyrighted files while thumbing its nose at the draconian nature of both Swedish and United States copyright laws. The ISP is set to launch by the end of this summer, and is currently engaged in a limited trial of about 100 residents in the Swedish city of Lund.

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Anybody out there? 140 ‘Earths’ found

Anybody out there? 140 ‘Earths’ found – Science – Home – The Times of India

         Up to 140 of the newly found planets are rocky and Earth-like
containing both land and water, conditions which could      allow simple lifeforms to

“The next step after Kepler will be to study the atmospheres of the planets and see if we can find any signs of life,” said Dimitar Sasselov, professor of astronomy at Harvard University who is a member of the Kepler science team.

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Dj Robert Georgescu ft Lara – Beside you (radio edit)

YouTube – Dj Robert Georgescu ft Lara – Beside you (radio edit)

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Alba Wings – Say goodbye to yesterday

YouTube – Alba Wings – Say goodbye to yesterday

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Researchers discover how key enzyme repairs sun-damaged DNA

Researchers discover how key enzyme repairs sun-damaged DNA

All plants and most animals have photolyase to repair severe sun damage. Everything from trees to bacteria to insects enjoys this extra protection. Only mammals lack the enzyme.

Humans do possess some enzymes that can undo damage with less efficiency. But we become sunburned when our DNA is too damaged for those enzymes to repair, and our skin cells die. Scientists have linked chronic sun damage to DNA mutations that lead to diseases such as skin cancer.

Now that researchers know the mechanism by which photolyase works, they might use that information to design drugs or lotions that heal sun damage, Zhong said.

Normal sunscreen lotions convert UV light to heat, or reflect it away from our skin. A sunscreen containing photolyase could potentially heal some of the damage from UV rays that get through.

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Dahon Jetstream EX 2010

Dahon Jetstream EX

The Jetstream EX is quite possibly the most technologically advanced folding bike on the planet with its suspension system having been engineered with one of the cycling world’s foremost authorities on suspension. The bike soaks up potholes yet there’s no energy-robbing bob when you hammer on the flats. For 2010, Dahon upgrade just about everything, adding such tasty components as Avid Juicy hydraulic brakes and a SRAM DualDrive 27 speed drivetrain.

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Descoperire: chimicalele din mâncare fac dietele inutile

Descoperire: chimicalele din mâncare fac dietele inutile – Sănătate >

Un american obişnuit este expus la 10-13 pesticide diferite prin intermediul mâncării şi băuturii în fiecare zi, iar nouă dintre cele mai uzuale pesticide sunt obezogene.

Potrivit unor studii recente, consumul unei diete organice cinci zile pe săptămână înseamnă reducerea pesticidelor obezogene din organism până la un nivel nedetectabil. Dieta organică, cu alimente obţinute natural, fără pesticide sau altfel de intervenţii artificiale, este însă scumpă.

Totuşi, nu toate alimentele “stochează” pesticidele aşa că acestea pot fi consumate şi “neorganice”. S-a calculat că poţi să reduci expunerea la pesticide cu 80% alegând varianta organică a 12 legume şi fructe, cele cu cel mai mare conţinut de pesticide.

“Duzina murdară” este alcătuită din următoarele alimente, în ordinea “periculozităţii”: ţelina, piersicile, căpşunile, merele, afinele, nectarinele, ardeii graşi, spanacul, varza furajeră, cireşele, cartofii şi strugurii.

De cealaltă parte, există un grup de 15 legume şi fructe care nu reţin pesticidele şi deci pot fi consumate fără probleme în orice variantă. Cele 15 “curate” sunt ceapa, avocado, porumbul dulce, ananasul, mango, mazărea, asparagusul, kiwi, varza, vinetele, cantalupul, pepenele verde, grapefruitul, cartofii dulci şi pepenele galben.

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