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Silverstone Raven 03 – featuring VORTEX fans

Silverstone Raven 03 – featuring VORTEX fans @ Computex | KitGuru

It has nothing to do with any personal loyalty to Silverstone, the answer is simple. Someone eventually designed the chassis I had designed myself in my study about 5 years ago. It is based around the laws of physics – heat rises upwards and the Raven 02 had three 180mm fans at the bottom in parallel across the whole chassis width – blowing over all components, then expelling heat out the top of the chassis. There were no front mounted fans, and there were no ‘dead zones’ in the chassis. It was so simple it amazed me it took designers so long to come up with it – force hot air upwards with the natural flow – doh! Even the boffins at nVidia agreed with me, in their last reviewers guide for the GTX465 they mentioned it gave them the best temperatures, with minimal noise. Not that I needed affirmation, but it was nice to see that other people appreciated my (erm, ok technically Silverstones) idea.

To make things even sweeter, the Raven 02 was all black and finely constructed with a nice side window panel to show off your tidy system build. Better still all the fans had removable dust filters and the routing support was well thought out.

Before we discuss the Raven 03, Silverstone were keen to extoll the virtues of their new Vortex fans. These fans have an overlapping design which gives superior air flow results.

June 7, 2010 - Posted by | IT Hardware

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